Light Crude Oil for Sale – Iraq Origin

Light Crude Oil for Sale – Iraq Origin

Crude Oil-Light for Sale – Iraq Origin

Light Crude Oil Available FOB, CIF – Iraqi Origin

Minimum order 500,000 BL

Monthly Supply can be discussed. required refinery code to proceed.

A letter of intent required.


Grade & Specifications:


The quality of this product shall be regular Basra Crude Oil.
Specific Gravity @ 15.60 c 0.859
API 33.45 MAX
Water and sediment content 0.2% Max
Pour point .35
Reid vapor pressure nil
Sulphur content wt% 1.2,1.5
Salt ib 100.00 Brt 8 Max
Carbon residue wt% nil
Water vol 0.1% vol.
Ash content Wt % Nil
Asphalt content Wt % Max 1
ASTM distillation I.B.P C 3.7 deg
Recovery at 50 deg Vm % min 0.8
100 deg 0.8
200 c deg .37
250 C deg .37
300 deg .45

Procedures to be followed:

Buyers are welcome to discuss all the points. We are able to arrange table meeting to discuss all the details. As introductory, a letter of intent required to initiate trust between the buyer and the seller.

if you have any query, we are glad to hear from you. please fill the form below or contact us.

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