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About Us

Established in 2006, Middle East Oil & Gas offering supportive services to Oil & Gas field. We are dedicated to support our clients in different aspects starting but not ending with: Outsourcing, recruitment, logistics, brokerage, documentations,inspections and oil trade.
Our Experienced team have gained many years of experience each in his own field. We have expanded our activities and services based on the market and our clients need.

We have successfully completed many projects and field works in different spots of the globe. Our supportive services designed to help the management of any project to complete their projects in ease smooth way.

Through our network we have achieved many works in Oil & Gas generally, Offshore, Marine and Subsea specifically. if you have any type of quires please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be very glad to hear from you.


Offshore Support Services

We can provide supportive services to offshore construction project management. We have done many projects very close to our clients. We have a node to support our clients in areas the client wants us to be.

Offshore & Marine Outsourcing

Middle East Oil & Gas has executed many successful projects in Offshore Outsourcing all over the world.


We do provide logistics services to our client when required. With an immediate response to the query, acting in professional, active and efficient way to assure the client’s need are met.


Any type of brokerage as mediator. Whether you are buyer or seller. Assets, Crude oil of even services we can connect you to the right channel. Our maintained network is reliable and active.

Inspection & Survey


Using reputable third party accreditation body, we can reliably provide full services of inspection and survey. our team is well experience to provide such services.


We can do all the documentation services related to offshore and marine. Covering all the required certificates and paperwork and required documents.

Oil Products & Derivatives

We can provide Crude Oil and Derivatives to refineries and end user around the globe. 

Our efficient network from different sources can assure steady and reliable supply.  

IMCA Dive System Documentation

Providing Diving Documentation for Air Diving and Sat Systems approved by IMCA.